SEJA 12 Mourning Elektra Slangwitch - Messy Riot

by Mourning Elektra Slangwitch

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Mourning Elektra Slangwitch is a Dutch artist who has been performing under the name M.E.S.S.Y. since 1985 and is active as an artist creating collages, sculptures, photographs, paintings, videos, and music. Working solo and in bands in different kind of projects, she put a spell on her audience through what she calls "Messy Vocal Magic".

For decades Mourning Elektra Slangwitch is at the forefront of Dutch/European experimentalism and electronic music.


released November 10, 2016

Mastered for vinyl by Idan Karucci.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Shivers
Shivers of the past
We both know now its only past
Shivers of your soul

Leading me, loving you, loving me was gold
But we both knew it never last
We both knew it never, never last..
It all goes bad, goes down

Shivers of the past
Shivers of the dark
Say it loud, say it clear, say it, before you go
but never ex, never ex, never ex

Shivers of the past
Shivers of my soul
Yearn before we go
Learned before we go now
Yearn before we go
Track Name: Masterclass
Masterclass is coming.
It needs us all to pass.
Come here my lovely love,
come here and make a pass.

Come here and make me lovely.

This is masterclass. This is masterclass.

Make me love you, make me laugh.
Track Name: Bonetrap
Talked down by the government, they got in my head.
Talked down by the government, I’ll give them head instead.

So let me hear your bone crack, so let me hear you cry
Your power has ruined us, I’ll like to see you .. try.
Overruled by the government, ruling all my life.
So I say fuck you govern men, I like to see you cry.

So let me hear your bone crack, so let me hear you cry.
Hope you’re smiling at the top, while I’m dying.
So let me hear your bone crack and let me hear you cry.
Its the way, the way you took it back, my freedom and my smile.

So let me hear your bone crack, fulfilment for a day.
Bone trap, bone trap.
Let me hear your bones crack.

Hands of the poor, hands of the needy.
But you want more, you’re fucking greedy.
BONE CRACKS untill you die.
You better fly an other ship babe,
you’re way to high…
Track Name: Here
Its a he, its a boy, being born here.
He’s my boy, he’s a joy, he’s no toy.

I wished for mountains, but they’re not here.
I wish for good health and money,
but it all, it all disappeared.
I dream of friends here, it slipped into silence,
I’d like to talk too.
It broke my heart, my island.
Its so bad, its so sad.

I’m here now.
I hold my head high.
There is trouble and trouble.
People unite now.

Its overhere, its overhere, its overhere ….
Track Name: Cope
Its a strange world, its a strange life.
Its strange times, its a strange world.
Don’t wait too long for the big time!
Its a strange world.

Strange bestiality .. awake in us.
Or it might be asleep.

Strange world, strange humans, with their eyes like insects.
Its a strange world, its a strange world.
Why is the world ? Its a strange world.

Strange, strange, Fairy Strange.
Some thing’s gone, some thing’s blown away.

Its a strange world.
Its a strain whether you’re a boy or a girl.
Don’t waist your time!
Tick tack toe … The tick of time.

Its full of beasts and wells.
Its full of cries and hope.
I hope you can …
Track Name: Old Ways
Creepy source, creepy sounds.
In the old days, in the old age.
Track Name: Walling
You call it a daze.
Now its a waist.
Then its a calling.

You got no shame, you’re walling.

You got me in your grip and I
live up to it and I
can hear you calling.

You’re walling, walling.
untill, into…

Give me your thumb, crystalling down.
I hear you calling.
Mysterie’s gone, the night is falling.

& I live up to it.
Track Name: Hustlers Truth
There’s land without monsters. A land yet to make.
I see hustlers all around truth, they talk so sweet, but its all just fake.
And they surround us.

Surrounded by the enemy, whatever I’ll do, they’ll be.
Surrounded by the enemy. By taking money, they are taking me.
Search me, if u can.
Now take a stand, give your hand and be a star.

You are a star.
We all are, we all are, a star.
Track Name: Harvest Of Hope
In the depths of my mind i saw you.
In the depths of my heart you home.
In the harvest of hope i’m pretending
its nothing or everything at all.

In my heart there is longing,
in my heart you are there.

Yes my eyes say, i forgive you,
but beware, just beware, beware.
Track Name: Hard Times
Its high times.
High times,
for the world,
which you are
connected to.

The world.
Track Name: Float
So many questions on my mind.
What is true, was I unkind ?
In my darkest hour, yeah , yeah.
How could you forget..
I have too many questions on my mind.

They’re floating, floating in my head
towards each other.
Unlike reality, where we’re all floating apart
and no-one bothers.

Floating in my head, but not together.
They’re floating away, for a day or two,
from me to you.

We’re floating, floating towards each other.
We’re floating on air, in a bubble, but no-one bothers.

I hope you, I hope you be there.
Now when floating in this bubble,
I hope, I hope, I hope you be there.
Track Name: Kill Or Love And Care
Its in every person, to kill or love and care
Its in every person, just be aware.

Its in every person, to kill or love and care.
To kill or love and care.